Company Profile

  Safetyman is a manufacturer specializing in switching devices for complex environment applications, the development and production of our devices are safe and reliable. Safetyman means safety and security personnel ,it is the“ security officer”. We apply this concept in the field of industrial control, demonstrating our high expectations for safety control as well as our quality commitment to our customers!    

    The company has a wide range of products, which are mainly divided into four business areas: mechanical parking equipment, elevator, automation, and the extremely harsh environment facilities. Each area has its own competitiveness, products won several national patents and professional certification to ensure the profession of security products.We can tailor make for our customers to ensure our profession and provide the positive solution as per requests. We have been keeping closely contact with our customers. According to the customer's special applications and requirements to develop the dedicated switch for her/him from the initial stage of switch design, we will take all the relevant aspects into consideration with the customer's wishes. Now there are many "experts" emerged in our switch “family”, for example, loose chain/loose rope detection switches for mechanical parking equipment, waterproof limit switches with protection rating of IP67.

     As a specialized manufacturing company, Safetyman is able to respond quickly and flexibly to the market trends and customer wishes.We are the senior experts in the professional field providing strong technical support and solutions to all of our customers. Let's grow together and grow stronger!