Electromagnetic lock safety door switch

SFEL Series
● IP67 degree of protection
● Tensile strength 1300N when locked
● Solenoid lock/mechanical release
Mechanical lock/Solenoid release
● Built-in 2 sets of contacts / 6 groups of contacts are optional
● Equipped with indicator light and emergency unlocking function
● Multiple operation keys are optional
● Patent:ZL202130659657X/ZL2021224203183/ZL2021224203342/ZL2021307132680/ZL2021226413097

Technical Parameters

    Applicable standards IEC60947-5-1/EN60947-5-1/GB14048.5-2017
    Degree of protection IP67 (EN60947 - 5- 1, Except for the key operating hole )
    Service life More than 1 million mechanical times / more than 150,000 times electrical
    Tensile strength when locked 1300 N
    Rated insulation voltage 300V
    Rated impulse with stand voltage 2.5Kv
    conventional free air thermal current 10A
    Utilization category AC-15/DC-13
    Rated operating voltage AC240V/DC30V/DC250V
    Rated operating current 3A/2.3A/0.27A
    Rated conditional short-circuit current 1000A
    Direct opening force ≥60 N
    Direct opening travel ≥10mm
    Operating frequency ≤20 times/minute
    Ambient temperature -20°C~60°C (no ice)
    Ambient humidity 85% RH below