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Safety Switch

SFD Series
● Full range of gold-plated contacts
● Customizable multiple operating mechanisms or accessories
● Slow type, forced disconnection NC contact
● Double loop design ,1 NC/2NC contact optional
● SFD-MP5 use special operating mechanism to prevent abnormal operation
● Patent : ZL 201220698398.7/ ZL 201230635764.X/ ZL 201320040761.0/ ZL 201330022654.0

Technical Parameters

    Applicable standards GB/T 14048.5-2017
    Degree of protection IP65
    Service life Machine more than 1,000,000 / Electric more than 500,000
    Operating frequency ≤3 per second
    Use classes AC-15
    Rated operational voltage AC400V
    Rated operational current 2A
    Rated insulation voltage 400V
    Rated impulse with stand voltage 4Kv
    Agreed heating current 8A
    Ambient temperature -20°C~80° (with no ice)
    Ambient humidity 95% RH below


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